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Stealth Power Announces Partnership with Tower Solutions

August 16, 2021

Stealth Power Announces Partnership with Tower Solutions

August 16, 2021

Stealth Power, the idle mitigation and scalable hybrid energy systems company, announces a new partnership agreement with Tower Solutions, the industry-leading mobile tower provider, which aims to expand work and collaboration in the future.

Since 2018, Stealth Power has helped Tower Solutions' clients save millions of dollars in fuel, maintenance and resupply costs while reducing CO2 emissions by over 100,000,000 lbs. This is the equivalent to the CO2 emissions for 50M lbs. of coal burned or the energy to power over 5,400 homes for a year (EPA).

With this partnership, Stealth Power's mobile power solutions will power Tower Solutions' mobile towers for a diverse set of industries such as telecommunications, emergency management, surveillance, energy and defense. Stealth and Tower have provided mobile towers and power to customers that include the FAA, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman and Elbit Systems of America.

"We greatly value our long-standing relationship with Stealth," said David Kensinger, CEO, Tower Solutions. "We are excited to expand our collaborative approach to provide high performance, cutting edge mobile towers integrated with Stealth's energy systems for our world-class clients."

As an industry leader and innovator in advanced tower technology, Tower Solutions leads the market in providing high quality portable tower products and solutions. Tower's automatic self-erecting mobile towers are built to exceed all expectations in height, rigidity, portability, rapid deployment, ease of use, and safe operation.

"Stealth Power is extremely proud of our work with Tower Solutions," said Devin Scott, CEO, Stealth Power. "It's rewarding to work with a like-minded company that emphasizes quality and reliability in providing no-fail equipment to our customers."

Stealth's clean and efficient mobile electric power system offers cost savings, operational reliability, and cloud-based remote monitoring capabilities through its partnership with Microsoft. The Stealth Power system improves efficiencies by up to 85%, leading to substantial savings on fuel, maintenance and resupply costs.

About Stealth Power

Stealth Power designs and builds idle mitigation and scalable hybrid energy systems that power complex fleet operations into the future. Manufactured in the USA, Stealth Vehicle and Mobile Power Systems are trusted by FDNY, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and the FAA to power everything from life-saving medical equipment to remote towers equipped with intelligence sensors. Stealth Power keeps no-fail equipment on with engines or generators turned off.

About Tower Solutions

Tower Solutions is a provider of Mobile Towers for the telecommunications, emergency management, surveillance, wind generation, oil & gas and military markets. Tower's Patented tower technology offers automatic extension and retraction of towers up to 120 feet in height and offering an industry leading payload capacities exceeding 2,000 pounds.

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