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Asked Questions

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What is Stealth Power?

Stealth Power is the innovation leader in mobile-power solutions with idle mitigation capabilities. We power essential missions with clean mobile energy whenever and wherever you need it. From off-grid, remote locations to crowded cities, our technology is exactly what our name suggests: it’s smart, unobtrusive energy that scales. We’ve helped our customers save over 7M gallons of fuel and $24M in fuel costs.

What kinds of power systems do you have in the field?

The Stealth Vehicle and Mobile Power Systems are trusted by FDNY, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and the FAA to power everything from life-saving medical equipment to remote towers equipped with intelligence sensors.

Where is the Stealth System manufactured?

The Stealth System is designed and manufactured in the USA.

Will the Stealth Power System work with my vehicle or generator?

Our smart power system is engineered to work on any vehicle and generator. It integrated with every fuel type, including gas, diesel, CNG and even EV.

What is the Stealth Vehicle System?

Stealth Vehicle system is an in-vehicle idle mitigation system that provides full mobile power without engine engagement. Designed for vehicles with demanding electrical needs, the Vehicle System provides energy to all onboard equipment with the OEM engine off, reducing idle time by up to 95%.

What is the Stealth Mobile Power System?

The Mobile Power System is a remote hybrid power solution that provides safe, scalable power for applications including oil & gas, mining, rail, irrigation, cell towers, watch towers and electrical grids for remote areas. Current use cases include Customs & Border protection and micro mobility charging stations.

What is Stealth Solar?

Stealth Solar is FAA approved and provides an additional charging source for vehicle and freestanding systems. Our solar panels provide no glare, continue to operate in all light conditions, and are proven rugged. Flexible peel and stick panels are easy to install and provide optimal, maintenance-free fit.

System Details

What does the System power?

The Stealth Power System operates all vehicular and auxiliary electrical loads, including generators, heat/AC, beacon lights, radio, laptops, cameras, power tools and more without the use of fossil fuels. The solution comes with its own enclosure, master control unit, batteries, related accessories and charger. It’s designed to power multiple items at a time.

How much does the Stealth System weigh?

The system weighs less than 55-110 lbs.

How long does power last?

This depends on the size of the system and electrical load.  The system can be set up to run automatic stop/start or manual start/stop. Typically, the auto start stop is set up to run 45 minutes of Stealth time and then recharges off the vehicle’s alternator, solar panels, or plug-in. In manual set up, Stealth time can be extended to run continuous for longer periods (up to 3-6 hours depending on size of system and load).  The system is designed to automatically charge and discharge throughout the day.

How fast can it be recharged?

This depends on size of system, electrical loads and the needs of the customer.  Stopping/starting is automatic based on needs of the customer and the system. It’s totally hands off when not in manual set up.

How does the system recharge?

It’s automatically charged off the vehicle’s alternator when the vehicle is running or with the addition of solar panels. You can an add an optional plug-in to recharge off the grid at night.  Plug-in charging can be at 30A or 50A AC input.

Where does it go? What are the dimensions?

The system is modular and can be configured to fit in various spaces. For our Vehicle System, many customers choose to install under a seat or in a compartment, but it can be installed anywhere.

These are the dimensions for a 3.0 kWh vehicular system:

  • Length: 40 in.
  • Width: 15 in.
  • Height: 7.5 in.

Installation & Maintenance

What’s the installation time?

Average installation time is 16-24 hours of labor depending on options selected.

How do I track fleet and generator performance with the Stealth System?

With the Stealth Intelligence platform, you can track real-time system analytics and savings. We alert your team of maintenance issues before they affect operations.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us for pricing based on your fleet specifications.

Are grants available to equip my fleet with Stealth Power’s smart mobile power solutions?

Yes! Our smart mobile energy solutions are considered clean technology, which means they’re eligible for local, state and federal grants. Your local Clean Cities Coalition – an extension of the U.S. Department of Energy – is an ideal partner to advocate for an environmental, homeland security or disaster response grant on your behalf. Find your local CCC.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. Three years on the full system: parts and labor. See more.

How do I report an issue or defect?

Submit a service request.