Idle mitigation plus power for all onboard equipment

All OEM loads
Power-loaded stretchers
Beacon lights
Laptops & cameras
Air conditioning & heat
Stealth Power Testimonial Close Cyan
"We've had great success and plan to incorporate the technology into all new fleet acquisitions. The Stealth Power Vehicle System is virtually maintenance free and the team provides high quality customer service. We are confident in the products they produce."
Travis Loy

Emergency Services Fleet Coordinator, Duke University Health System

Get idle mitigation and the fastest access to auxiliary power.

Save on fuel & maintenance

Extend the life of your vehicles

Reduce CO2 & meet mandates

Improve vehicle performance


Scalable idle mitigation technology for any emergency response application.

  • Scalable capacity (1600-watt hrs. Increments)
  • Customizable stop/start
  • Push button jump start
  • Self-charges when the vehicle is driven
  • Optional vehicle-mounted solar
  • Real-time vehicle performance data
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