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Stealth Power and Darley Have Partnered to Bring Innovative Fleet Technology to the Forefront of Wildfire Protection

July 18, 2023

Stealth Power and Darley Have Partnered to Bring Innovative Fleet Technology to the Forefront of Wildfire Protection

July 18, 2023

Jillian Vazquez

Marketing Manager

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Stealth Power has partnered with Darley to introduce an integrated technology solution for fleet vehicles in the emergency response industry. This collaboration aims to enhance operational capabilities and efficiency in critical situations. Stealth Power is a leading provider of advanced mobile power and idle reduction solutions, and Darley is a renowned manufacturer and distributor of emergency response equipment for military and first responders.

As part of this partnership, Stealth Power has provided Darley with its innovative Vehicle Power System (VPS) for a custom-fitted Ford Bronco. The fully integrated solution was donated to Bandelier National Monument by Ford Motor Company for Bronco Wild Fund efforts to protect public lands from the devastating effects of forest fires. The VPS, leveraging an energy dense, lightweight lithium-ion energy storage technology, offers a scalable power solution tailored to specific applications.

Bronco Wildland Firefighting Command Rig Equipment

The Stealth Power VPS equips the Ford Bronco with the ability to power an array of advanced features without engine engagement, such as:

  • Power to Communications Equipment: A reliable power supply ensures a seamless connection between emergency responders and command centers.
  • Integrated Satellite Capability: Allows the Ford Bronco to maintain uninterrupted connectivity in remote or disaster-stricken areas, facilitating real-time data exchange and coordination.
  • Survey Drone Power: Enables emergency response teams to gather crucial aerial intelligence for improved situational awareness and strategic decision-making.
  • Equipment Power: Supports various devices, including tablets, laptops, tools and other essential equipment required for critical operations.

This collaboration underscores Stealth Power and Darley's shared commitment to offering inventive, leading-edge solutions that will empower emergency response teams. By leveraging Stealth Power’s expertise in advanced mobile power systems and Darley’s deep understanding of the firefighting industry, this partnership strives to revolutionize the frontline firefighter with resilient systems and reliable power.  

“Stealth Power is proud to continue our mission of powering first responder’s critical equipment through our newest strategic partnership with Darley and Ford,” said Stealth Power CEO, Devin Scott. “The Command Rig project collectively brings over 100 years of experience in providing first responders with critical equipment needed for their mission. The team at Stealth Power is proud to be a part of a solution supporting those fighting fires on the front line.”

Bronco Wildland Firefighting Command Rig Operator

The partnership between Stealth Power and Darley has garnered attention and anticipation from emergency response agencies, fleet operators, and industry professionals. Together, they are spearheading a new era of fleet vehicle technology that prioritizes reliability, sustainability, and optimized performance during critical operations.

For more information about Stealth Power and its mobile power solutions, please visit To learn more about Darley and their extensive range of emergency response equipment, please visit

About Stealth Power

Stealth Power designs and builds sustainable and versatile electric power systems that propel our customers toward a zero-emission future. These smart technological solutions for advanced fleet and off-grid operations ensure reliable, continuous power for no-fail equipment and missions.

Manufactured in the USA and EPA SmartWay certified, Stealth Power systems are trusted by organizations across both government and private sectors, including the FAA, FDNY and U.S. CBP. The systems are designed for fuel-powered and electric vehicles, which expand electrical capabilities with the propulsion system turned off. Stealth Power’s standalone mobile power systems provide sustainable, dependable energy whenever and wherever needed. From powering life-saving equipment on an ambulance to surveillance towers on the border, our mission remains the same – to foster the transition from fossil fuel-based systems to clean, reliable power. Visit our website to learn more at  

About Darley

You serve others. We serve you. | Darley provides the highest quality equipment solutions to its government customers in the Defense and First Responder mission sets. With origins in Midwest manufacturing, Darley has a family of brands and a coveted partner network to distribute innovative capabilities of technology, equipment, pumps and compressed air foam systems (CAFS).  As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Darley operates with a global perspective of excellence from its corporate and Defense headquarters in Illinois to the fire pump and manufacturing operations in Wisconsin and Iowa and global offices in six countries. Darley holds multiple federal government contracts, has a robust first responder customer base across state and local governments and supports governments and organizations in over 100 countries. As a private corporation that doesn’t take outside capital, we’re financially committed to our customers’ best interests. The Darley difference is in how the customer is treated, with the philosophy that sales is really relationship development. At Darley, passionate customer focus is one of the company’s core values. Learn more on

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